Kód produktu: HL5000

CARTONI stativová hlava Lambda 50

The Award winning LAMBDA Nodal Head is the only Support that allows to set the nodal position with any Camera and pivoting 360° pan, tilt and roll, on the focal plan of any Camera.Více o produktu
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The settings are achieved by graduated slides both horizontally and vertically with micrometric cranks for extreme precision. A smart system of orientable counterweight rods can be used when the slide run is not sufficient. The Lambda 50 Head can be mounted on any classic support as Tripods or Dollies or used in underslung position from Cranes and Jib arms. Optional accessories as 3rd Axis, the orientable pan bar, steering wheel, eyepiece holder and the counterweight rods complete the most versatile of supports.

O značce

Další parametry



    21 kg

    Maximum Payload Capacity

    50 kg

    Bowl Diameter


    Fluid Drag

    7 steps + 0

    Tilt Range


    Temperature Range

    -40°/+60° Celsius