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Dedolight světelný ochranný kroužek

This is the light shield ring used on M-size lights.Více o produktu
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Dedolight is known for providing users the ability to control light from a uniquely optimized dual aspheric lens system. While the light shield ring might seem like a detail, it does not only block light from leaking between the front of the light and the accessories. The light shield ring is also a guide to slide the accessories in even faster, in particular on a dark set. If you are not using one, give it a try and you will not want to leave home without it! REQUIREMENTS:
  • M size light head - DLH4, DLH4M-300, DLH200, DLED4, DLED7,  Dedolight Neo
  • Cut down on stray light between the accessory slot (ex: barn doors) and the light head
  • Save time by using the light shield ring as a guide to slide-in other accessories, like the DP1.2 (DP1.1), DP2.2 (DP2.1), DPBA Intensifiers and more.

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