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Dedolight Tungsten světlo DLHM4 – 150W

The Classic DLH4 is one of the most famous lighting devices ever made. With a 40 year history in the professional lighting industry, this light has proven time and again how far you can take precision lighting using aspheric optics. It's also a source of pride for many gaffers who take their personal "Dedos" on every shoot regardless of what's on the shot list.Více o produktu
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There still is no other system that can compare to its performance in its class. The optics allow for a completely homogenous clean beam, with a minimal amount of drop-off at its edge. There is light where you want it, and outside of the beam there is shadow where you want it. Depending on your lamp and power supply, the DLH4 can operate using 12v, 24v or AC set ups. At Dedolight California we offer many power and dimmer solutions to control your DLH4.  The 12v power supplies like the DT12-4 allow for 20w, 50w, 75W, or 100w halogen lamps. A 24v power supply, such as the DT24-U with built-in dimmer, runs 24v 150w or 24v 100w lamps. The DT24-DMX provides DMX control in addition to the manual mode. The AC to DC 24v 150W power supply (0CAPS24-150) runs the DLH4 at full output up to 150W.  Add dimming function to this power supply or to your existing 12v or 24v batteries with the in-line DLDIM-BAT.  Running a low-voltage system provides increase longevity and performance to your lamps. Using dedolights can get 400% more life out of your lamp. The light is nearly indestructible, easy to service, and has an army of amazing accessories to redefine its function from one set-up to the next. Wether you need a compact light with tremendous throw, or a pinhead spot on a label, the Dedo Classics deliver it all. If you haven't been lucky enough to used one of these lights yet, don't let the nickname "Classics" fool you. They can now output daylight, be controlled by DMX ballasts and paired with parallel beam intensifiers to explore Lightstream Reflected lighting system. There are too many reasons to list why this is still one of the most widely used light today. This is the light head only. A power supply, lamp, and other optional accessories like barn doors and light shield ring must be ordered separately.

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