Kód produktu: DLHM4-300E

Dedolight Tungsten světlo DLHM4-300 – 150W

While the Classic DLH4 is controlled from a separate ballast or power supply, the Classic DLHM4-300 has a built-in ballast with or without DMX function.Více o produktu
18 290  15 115,70  bez DPH

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The Classic DLHM4-300 (manual dimming) is among the most popular focusing dedolights and is available in rental houses across the world. With a 40-year proven track-record in the professional lighting industry, this Classic is high up on the aspheric optics family tree. The Academy Award winning design has an awesome output (6 times that of a comparable Fresnel). The optics deliver a completely homogenous clean beam with very little drop-off at its edge. There is light where you want it, and outside of that there is only shadow. It is what your favorite rental house will hand to you configured in the 3-head "Master Kit".  Built like a tank, there is still no other system in this class that compares to the performance and longevity of the Classic Dedos. With its built-in ballast and AC power cable, the DLHM4-300 plugs directly in a regular household outlet. The ballast converts AC to 24v to use low-voltage 24v 150w or 100w tungsten lamps.  It dims beautifully from 100% to 0%.  The manual ballast adjusts the intensity by turning a simple knob.  A DMX/Manual model is also available (DLHM4-300DMX). Running a Dedo low-voltage system increases the longevity of your lamp (4 times longer running time) and efficiency with twice the lumen output of typical studio halogens. The Classic Dedos are often called "spot-lights" because of their astounding throw.  This however fails to represent their multi-functionality afforded by the extensive range of M-size accessories. Each accessory drops in the barn-door slot in seconds (no tools) and is designed for a specific task that it actually does better than anything else on the market today. Wether you need a compact light with tremendous throw, or a pinhead spot on a product label using a DP2.2 or DP1.2 projector, the dedolight "Classics" deliver it all. If you haven't been lucky enough to explore one of these focusing lights don't let the nickname "Classics" fool you. They output daylight with the DDCF, multiply their intensity with one of the 3 new Lightstream Beam Intensifiers (DPBA-7, DPBA-710, or DPBA-714 units), shift the focus range from native 4.5º-48º to 50º-85º with the DLWAR Wide Angle attachment and much more... There are too many reasons to list why this is still one of the most used lights in the world today. You need to experience the Classics for yourself. This is the light head only. Lamp and other optional accessories like barn doors and light shield ring must be ordered separately.

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