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MovieTech klikový Riser XL (65,5 – 140 cm)

The self-locking drive has a maximum payload of 80kg and prevents the segments from sinking under load. This concept enables accurate positioning of the camera via the crank drive. The bazooka is picked up via a euro-mount (80mm). If necessary, the crank column can be stabilized in the extended state by means of tension straps (not included in delivery). Eyebolts for attaching the straps are included in the scope of delivery.Více o produktu
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Practical details: There are a lot of practial details integrated in the new cranked risers. A secure pipe connection is guaranteed by stable clamping levers, which are securely closed after reaching the desired position. The connection to a turnstile or ball adapter is made by standard Euromount adapter with 80mm diameter. Extension to eye level: With the new crank column XL an extension to a desired eye level is now easily possible. Dimensions: Hight min. 655 mm (25.79 inch) Hight max. 1400 mm (55.12 inch) Compatible: Euromount Weight: 11,45 kg (22.04 lb)

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