Kód produktu: 2300-0SET

MovieTech kamerová jízda Alpha Dolly

Výška 71 až 139 cm

Nosnost 100 kg

Hmotnost 133 kg

The Alpha Dolly is a dolly with electromechanical column, powered by standard camera battery packs.Více o produktu
1 351 890  1 117 264,46  bez DPH

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Detailní popis produktu

It’s a lightweight, compact and flexible dolly system that scores with a low starting position of the column (710mm/ 27.95 inch) and a new slender design. It takes only e.g. three standard Li-Ion standard batteries (14,4V/10-15A) to operate the dolly which results in a high flexibility and independence regarding the power supply. The new seating position at the column is equivalent to the familiar working method of the hydraulic lift arm dollies. Via seat arm adapters available in different lengths and a new telescopic seat arm, the seating position may be adjusted in height. Moreover, the camera operator may rotate with the column thanks to the integrated 360° rotation system. The Alpha Dolly system is compatible with many of the standard MovieTech accessories. The highlights at a glance:
  • Power supply via 3 standard Li-Ion batteries (14,4V 10-15A) V-Mount or Gold Mount/ AB
  • Low starting position of the column
  • Turnstile integrated in the base dolly, enables 360° rotations of the column
  • Precise and smooth column movements due to microprocessor control
  • Allows to set low and high movement limit, store up to 30 points and motion control for an accurate reproduction of vertical movements
  • Various speed and ramp settings selectable
  • Column is removable for easy transport
Precision and reliability:
  • The Extremly silent Alpha Motor is the result of modern production technologies. Apart from the long liftime the Motor offers an extremly silent brake system.
  • The Alpha Dolly combines the newest electronics and components. Combined with the new hand-control unit which is also available as a wireless version the system matches the challenging conditions on the set. During the designing process user-friendliness and precision played the key roll.
Alpha Dolly seat concept: The new seating position at he column is equivalent to the familiar working method of the hydraulic lift arm dollies. V-Mount battery: The power supply for Alpha dolly is made with three camera batteries, with V-Mount adapter. (optional accessories) Alpha Dolly hand controller and elektronic: The hand controller allows to program Alpha dolly moves. Alpha Dolly Platforms: The System platforms of the Alpha Dolly offer a big, safe basis to work on. Obsah balení:
  • 1 x Alpha Dolly Column
  • 1 x Alpha Base Dolly
  • 1 x Steering rod (standard)
  • 1 x Alpha Dolly hand control
  • 1 x Seat round
  • 1 x Seat arm vertical 30cm/12´

O značce

Další parametry

    Přepravní rozměry

    64 x 64 x 71 cm

    Maximální výška

    139 cm

    Minimální výška

    71 cm

    Rozsah výtahu

    68 cm

    Váha dolly

    61,8 kg

    Váha systému Alpha

    71,2 kg

    Maximální spotřeba

    30 A


    3x V-Mount nebo Gold-Mount baterie