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Rhino Arc II (V2) Ultimate Kit

The Ultimate Slider Bundle equips you with a complete 4-axis slider setup that can capture anything from a dynamic interview with a 7 kg cinema camera to a vertical day to night time-lapse with a mirrorless setup.

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Our goal with this bundle is to put everything you need for a slider setup in a hard shell case that you can travel with and keep your gear organized for whatever shoot comes your way. Features
  • Complete 4-axis Rhino System (Rhino Arc II V2 has the same features as Arc II but has improved electronics for faster charging and is running a brand new firmware version making it more reliable than ever)
  • Ships in an airline ready hardshell case to keep your gear safe and organized
  • Comes with interchangeable rails to transform your slider based on the shoot
  • Includes both motors to let you go fast or vertical
In the box
  • Rhino Slider Pro 42" (105 cm)
  • Rhino Arc II (V2)
  • Rhino Focus
  • Rhino Motor - High Torque
  • Rhino Motor - High Speed
  • Carbon 24” (60 cm) Rails
  • Slider Hard Shell Case
Information about each product, including in this kit: 116308 - Rhino Slider Pro 42" (105 cm) Features
  • Tripod Quick Mount System lets you mount your slider to a tripod without spinning it around
  • Interchangeable rails let you swap between any of Rhino’s 4 rail options
  • Ultra-rigid stainless steel rails
  • Built in belt drive system is compatible with Rhino Flywheel and Rhino Motor
  • All-terrain legs let you level your slider on any terrain
  • Integrated carriage brake securely locks your carriage at any point on the slider
  • ¼-20 and ⅜-16 Tripod threads on end plates and center plate (end plate threads are not accessible if Rhino Motor is mounted)
  • Weight: 5 Kg
  • Load Capacity: 13 Kg
121261 - Rhino Arc II (V2) Compact 4-axis head Features
  • 7 Kg load capacity
  • Stand-alone functionality lets you replace your fluid head with ultra smooth, repeatable motorized movement
  • Optional motorized follow focus (Rhino Focus) for making sure you nail focus
  • Optional slider motor (High Torque & High Speed Motor) controls your linear movement
  • Capture day to night time-lapses with Lightlapse (iOS only)
  • Built-in output for powering your DSLR or Mirrorless (requires optional Rhino Power dummy battery)
  • Built-in 501 plate receiver (includes 501 compatible plate)
  • OLED screen and dual joysticks for live control over all 4 axis
  • iOS app for remotely controlling and more control over keyframes
  • Motorized mounting using its pan motor
119065 - Rhino Focus V2 **Features **
  • Ultra precise high torque motor
  • Installs in seconds
  • 15mm carbon fiber rail
  • Weight: 250 g
  • Compatibility: 0.8 m gear pitch
116311 - Rhino High Speed Motor Features
  • Moves your Rhino Slider carriage at 5”/second
  • Installs in seconds
  • Super low profile
  • Doesn’t have to be removed to fit in Rhino soft shell carrying cases
  • Capable of moving a 2,5 kg load at a 20 degree angle
116312 - Rhino High Torque Motor Features
  • Capable of moving a 4,5 kg load at a 90 degree angle (motor must be on the top end of the slider)
  • Moves your Rhino Slider carriage at 2,5cm/second
  • Installs in seconds
  • Super low profile
  • Doesn’t have to be removed to fit in Rhino soft shell carrying cases
116319 - Rhino Carbon 24" (60 cm) Rails Features
  • Quickly interchange your rails to transform your slider
  • Ultra light
  • Precision ground carbon fiber
  • Includes the new Tripod Quick Mount System
  • Load Capacity: 7 kg
  • Weight: 450 g
116343 - Rhino Hard Shell Case for 24" & 42" (60 & 105 cm) Sliders Features
  • Composite construction
  • Carry and protect all of your Rhino Slider gear
  • Airline ready
  • Recessed rollers and end handle make it easy to travel with
  • High density EVA foam
  • 4 pockets let you store accessories safely
  • Locking (includes keys)

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