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Rhino ostření Focus V2

Rhino Focus is an electronic follow focus that works with Rhino Arc II.Více o produktu
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It’s a must have accessory that allows you to capture more dynamic shots with perfectly executed focus pulls. It enables you to keyframe your focus when using Arc II on a slider or a tripod. The all-new Rhino Focus V2 delivers 2x the torque and 2x the speed capability as its predecessor. When using Rack Mode on Arc II you are able to set two focus points and your focus will automatically shift between the points as you pan or tilt in real time. This lets you capture more b-roll in less time by making sure you hit your focus point every time. The ultra precise Japanese-made gearing is adjustable from the outside of the unit so you can dial in your backlash on set if needed. Every part on Rhino Focus V2 is either metal or carbon fiber and will be a valuable part of your Rhino kit for years to come. Features
  • All metal housing
  • Precision Japanese gearing
  • Adjustable backlash
  • Carbon Fiber 15mm rail
In the box
  • Rhino Focus V2
  • Adjustable Lens Gear

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