Kód produktu: KPC-3001PL-M

Tokina objektiv Vista 35mm T1,5 Cinema pro PL

Fast 35 mm cinema lens with 9 bladed iris and internal focus design. Covers full-frame sensor size and is suitable for 8K video capture.

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130 290  107 677,69  bez DPH

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The Tokina Vista 35 mm T1,5 Cinema Lens shares the same form factor, lens gear position, focus rotation, and front barrel diameter as the other Tokina Cinema Vista prime lenses to fascilitate fast and easy lens changes and use of accessories. It features a fast T stop of 1,5, ideal when shooting in low light conditions or to create a scene with really shallow depth of fiel. The lens covers an image circle of 46,7 mm, even more than the full-frame format, and the use of aspherical elements and modern coatings provides exceptionally low chromatic abberations and sharp images even when recording video at 8K resolution. Like other Tokina Vista lenses, it has nearly no breathing during focus pulls and features clearly marked focus and iris scales on both sides. A 9-bladed iris provides round, out of focus highlights for a beautiful looking bokeh.  


  • Fast 1,5 T stop, good for low light filming
  • Image circle of 46,7 mm covers full-frame sensor size , VistaVision and Red Dragon
  • Very pleasing image character across the iris range and usable wide open
  • Consistent length of lens during focus pull
  • No image shift during focus pull
  • 9 bladed Iris for natural looking bokeh
  • Robust construction
  • Focus and iris scales on both sides

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    Hmotnost 2,03 kg


    Průměr filtru

    114 mm



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    Počet skupin objektivu


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    Full Frame


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    0,41 cm

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