Kód produktu: AP0005

Udengo Apple Box Full Nested

Size: 8" x 21.25" x 13" (20 cm x 54 cm x 33 cm)
Weight: 12.1 lbs (5.5 kg)
Material: 12mm birch/pine plywood

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Udengo Apple Box Full Nested is made of 12mm waterproof birch/pine plywood. This type of material is a perfect compromise between strength and weight

All the facets are glued together with waterproof adhesive, additionally reinforced with 35mm stainless steel screws. The top layer is sanded and oiled, thus providing extra protection coating against moisture. 

The box does not have a standard size - it is slightly enlarged and open so that you can hide in smaller boxes.

The door is sliding (without any hinges that could be damaged). Two strong neodymium magnets prevent from accidental opening. 

New updated Sliding door system! Elegant and durable brass rails.
Udengo Full Nested Doors

Udengo AppleboxUdengo AppleboxUdengo AppleboxUdengo Applebox

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    Hmotnost 5,5 kg