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Udengo Floppy Cutter 40″ x 40″

Black solid flag (Cutter) for light control purposes. Used to control natural or artificial light.

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New and improved Udengo Floppy Cutters give You more functionality than ever before!

Cutters are used to control natural or artificial light. They protect the camera lens from flares, control spill light from other sources, or simply cut sunlight from hitting a monitor on an outdoors set. The idea is to keep light from reaching a certain area.


  • Size: 100cm x 100cm (40" x 40")
  • Material: Stainless steel frame
  • Fabric: Cotton 380g m² with satin weave
  • 10mm pin compatible with standard c-stand grip head
  • Safety: Non-Flammable Fabric PN-EN ISO 14116:2015-12 (Flame protection)
  • Weight with floppy 1800g 
  • FLOPPY INCLUDED - Velcro mount

The floppy part is an additional layer of fabric held in place with a velcro strap. What makes our floppy cutters special, is that the floppy is not sewed at any edge, and therefore they may be used as either top, bottom or a side hinge type cutters, depending on a situation.


  • Remove flares, control light spill, make negative fill
  • Use floppy to expand area and flag shape
  • Connect flags with velcro

Udengo cutter/black solid


  • New stainless steel frame - reduced weight
  • Velcro at each edge of the floppy, expanding the cutter's functionality
  • Floppy can be fully detached, creating separate, lighter cutter
  • Exceptional sewing quality unreachable by other manufacturers

Lighter, carefully chosen materials and precise manufacturing is why or product is the way to go, if You are after quality and versatility.

Udengo floppy cutters - we got You covered!

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