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Udengo Sandbag – velký set

  • Very solid construction, high durability (certified)
  • Pockets protected with a zipper and Velcro - effectively protect the sand from spilling
  • Material: Cordura 1100D (NEW 2022 Version)
  • Save more than 17% buying in bundle!
  • Designed and manufactured in European Union 

Sandbags are shipped empty without sand.

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Sandbag Professional Set

Save more than 17% buying in bundle!
(comparing to the regular price of Sandbags)

Sandbag Professional Set is our biggest and more profitable bundle. This set is intended to production houses and rental companies who needs diversified bags in their assortment.


  • 6 pcs. Udengo Large Sandbag 13kg
  • 8 pcs. Udengo Sandbag Standard 7kg
  • Sandbags are shipped empty, without sand.

Sandbags are commonly used on film sets, usually for safety measures - they serve as ballast for lighting stands, grip stands, booms, etc. Udengo Standard Sandbag can be used for ballast light tripods, boom counterweight. Udengo Large Sandbag can be used for ballast heavy lamp stands, c-stands with long arms or in case of heavy wind.More about sandbags: https://udengo.com/content/sandbags-why-so-important


  • Very solid construction, high durability (certified)
  • Detachable handle
  • Pockets protected with a zipper and Velcro - effectively protect the sand from spilling
  • Double stitched seams with nylon thread, strengthened with ribbon
  • Waterproof material
    • Nylon has a silky texture
    • Very strong, lightweight and durable
    • It is resistant to heat and tears and has a low absorbency rate
  • Attractive and competitive price
  • Designed and manufactured in European Union


  • Ballast for lighting stands and grip stands
  • Detachable handle :
    • Possibility to direct fastening around the stand
    • It can serve as a fastening for booms , etc - "boa"solution 
  • Solid carabiner :
    • Gives the possibility to connect the bags into sets
    • Compatible with the existing grip solutions

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