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Nanlite LED světlo Forza 60B II (Bi-Color)

Adopting the quality of light and the compact and lightweight form of the Forza 60 and 60B models, Nanlite has improved the performance and versatility of its second-generation Forza 60B II Bi-Color LED Light. Featuring an intuitive design with an adjustable color temperature of 2700-6500K, this spotlight is equipped with a 45° mini reflector, a locking DMX port, built-in Bluetooth for direct wireless control via app, and a quieter integrated fan.Více o produktu
9 890  8 173,55  bez DPH

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Brighter • Quieter • Better Refined and upgraded with years of genuine user feedback Forza returns with all-around improvements 3 years from its debut. Nanlite is focused on iterating their products with a user-centered approach. Now the Forza 60 II&60B II lead the way, fully tapping the potential of what is possible with compact LED spotlights. Forza 60 II & 60B II take many aspects to the next level without compromising the strengths of the first generation, such as interaction, control, noise management, and more. Nanlite has managed to make these lights fully realized with better performance and user experience by continuously adding value to the range. Compactness & Brightness Pushing the limit of being lightweight even further, Forza 60 II/60B II include a reflector with a new design. An updated optical design improves the illumination circle without sacrificing efficiency. Hard power hides beneath its adorable appearance. Forza 60 II/60B II pack stunning output inside an ultracompact body with illuminance level standing at 3261lux/2577lux @1m with light only. Not only competent for being used as key lights in small spaces, but also more than capable of teaming up with other powerful Forzas to adjust tones or alter details on-the-fly for medium & large productions. Covering More Shooting Scenarios
  • Forza 60 II 5600K
  • Forza 60B II 2700K-6500K
A classic combo with the same power draw, Forza 60 II handles daylight and Forza 60B II provides creators with another solution with variable CCT-artistic expression in different moods & styles. There are many more options with its wide CCT range of 2700K-6500K. Two Output Modes Enhanced Workflow Efficiency Forza 60B II features two output modes: the conventional maximum output mode and the more novel constant output mode for small LEDs. Relatively stable intensity is permitted when switched to constant output mode. A uniform amount of light output is a sure thing when you need to change CCT frequently in an exposure-sensitive shooting environment. Maximum output mode allows for utmost energy delivery throughout the whole CCT range, maximizing brightness under every particular CCT value. Color Rendering Capability
  • Forza 60 II CRI:95, TLCI:98
  • Forza 60B II CRI: Average 96 TLCI: Average 98
  • TM-30 Rf Average 93
  • TM-30 Rg Average 100
Forza 60/60B II score impressive marks in terms of color rendition-passing all rigorous tests on CRI, TLCI, saturation, fidelity and newly initiated standards with professional performance. Achieve good color reproduction scores consistently in dynamic shooting and help to capture every moment in its true colors. More color information has been thus stored in RAW file format to provide more flexibility in post-production. Customizable Effects Bespoke Creativity Forza 60/60B II offers 11/12 special effects with each perimeter adjustable. Unrestrained imagination from creators can be brought to life via the artful combination of light and shadow. More affordable video making tools are thus available with intuitive operation and capabilities that will inspire new ideas. A New Level of Control Forza 60/60B II integrate multiple control methods, including on-board, 2.4G, Bluetooth, DMX/RDM. No extra training is needed for on-board control with the classic interface of an OLED display and tuning knobs. A MODE button is added to quickly toggle between modes to speed up your workflow. Dual modules of 2.4G and Bluetooth built in to support quick and convenient remote control of the NANLINK APP. This makes using them with other NANLITE lights effortless. Effects can be customized in the APP with more flexibility. The requests to sync these lights for large productions is often received, so professional DMX/RDM functionality is incorporated in Forza 60/60B II. Control the lights in one system via stable wired connection to the DMX console and form a network to facilitate realization of advanced lighting effects. Quiet Environment, Silent Workhorse Forza 60/60B II feature dramatically quieter built-in fans, and an option to turn off the fan. Noise level lowers to 20dBA even with the fan rotating, thus no need to shut down the fan for most sound recording applications and sacrifice intensity. Shoot in close range and in tight spaces with no hassle from noise at all. *Maximum output drops to 30% with fan turned off. Complete FM Mount Modifiders Ecosystem Forza 60/60B II use the same compact and sturdy FM mount. The ever-growing FM Mount ecosystem offers creators a comprehensive arsenal of modifiers. Unlock more possibilities in creative lighting and spur more inspirations for creators via diffusing, concentrating, cutting and projecting of light. Access the world of Bowens-Mount modifiers with an included adapter, which provides compatibility with native Bowens-Mount accessories. Mobile Lighting, On the Go Forza 60 II/60B II have DC power option via a battery grip to match the dare-to-try nature of creators. Both 2 NPF batteries and 1 V-mount battery are good to go run-and-gun, allowing creators to travel light between locations. A premium carrying bag comes standard for one Forza 60 II/60B II configuration with exquisite materials, reinforced design and sufficient protection. An external fixing point for light stand is added on top for easy on-location shooting practices. Support Firmware Update Future Features Added The lights also support firmware upgrade via the USB port on the bottom of lamp head, keeping the window to the future open. More new features and operations will be brought on board based upon user feedback via firmware updates.

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    Video, Lighting

    Ovládání jasu

    DMX, Stmívač, Bluetooth, Aplikace, 2.4G

    Barevná teplota (Kelvin)




    Rozměry (Š x V x D) (mm)



    14350 @1 meter (5600K with reflector)

    Kategorie LED

    Studio, Fresnel

    Výkon (W)



    DC15V/6A Max, AC100-240V 50/60Hz

    Hmotnost (g)


    Typ bezdrátového přenosu

    RF (2.4 GHz), Bluetooth

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