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CARTONI stativová hlava Spinhead Cinestyle

In 1998 the CARTONI Lambda Nodal Head has set a standard in the Motion Picture industry and since then more than 700 units have been sold worlwide.Více o produktu
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The new CARTONI Spinhead is an innovative and unique support head for any film or video camera weighing up to 18 kg (40 lbs). Its ‚”L” shape configuration allows to operate at nodal setting (coincidence of the rotation center with the optical center) on a tripod, dolly, on camera cars, underslung from a crane or a jib arm. Both pan and tilt movements are assisted by CARTONI patented continuous fluid drag units. These fluid drags are hollow in the center in order to allow cables and plugs. The unique feature is a spinning tilt unit which offsets the camera allowing to pivot the camera plate for 360 degrees and lock it at any angle you may desire.

O značce

Další parametry



    10.5 kg

    Maximum Payload Capacity

    20 kg

    Bowl Diameter


    Fluid Drag




    Tilt Range


    Temperature Range

    -40°/+60° Celsius